Euprepiophis mandarinus - Mandarin Ratsnake

29 Apr 2010

Common Names: Mandarin Ratsnake
Scientific Name: Euprepiophis mandarinus
First Described: CANTOR, 1842


Adult Size:

A very shy and secretive species

Temperature Range:
25°C(77°F) to 20°C(68°F)

Humidity Requirements:
Humid hide

47-54 F (8-12C) for 2-4 months

2-9 eggs per clutch hatching from 40-59 days at 25-29°C

Known Mutations:
Hypomelanistic, Albino, , Xanthic, Leucistic

In 1998 a US trader offered a female albino mandarin ratsnake for $10000, this was the only specimen known at that time.

An Asian Exporter published photo's some years back of a Leucistic hatchling, this animal was then purchased by a Chinese Snake Farm.

Natural History:
This species has be found in areas of altitude up to 3000m and other areas below 500m. Habitats are varied and include montane rain forests, farmland, areas with dense vegetation, grasses, shrubs, rocky areas and rice fields. The mandarin ratsnake shows preferance for smaller prey items, where it will raid a rodents nest.

Native To:
Burma (Myanmar), China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam.

Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 200-241
Subcaudals: 59-82
Dorsals: 21-23
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Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed
China Species Red List: Vulnerable VU A2a
Photo Credit: Deano Carguillo