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Common Name: Helfenberger’s Beauty Snake
Scientific Name: Orthriophis taeniurus helfenbergeri
First Described: SCHULZ 2010

Adult Size: ~200cm
Temperament: Ranging from good to pure evil
Temperature & Humidity Range: 28C (82F) to 25C (77F) 60-70%, provide a humid hide and mist daily whilst in slough.
Brumation: 10-15C(50-59F) for 2-4 months
Reproduction: Presently unknown, assumed similar to Blue Beauty and Yunnan Beauty Snakes with between 6-20 eggs laid per clutch, and hatching at approximately 55-75 days at an incubation temperature between 26-29C.
Known Mutations: None known at present
Natural History: This species has been found at altitudes between 300-1100m inhabiting terrains from mountainous subtropical forests to caves (much like O. t. ridleyi).  Presently, as this is a newly described subspecies within the Beauty Snake family, little else is known about its natural history.
  • Helfenbergers Beauty Snake
  • Author: Darryl Sweetland -Earth Touch

Native To: Myanmar and Thailand
Map showing the distribution of Orthriophis taeniurus helfenbergeri ( Helfenbergers Beauty Snake ) in the wild.
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Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 282-292
Subcaudals: 82-97
Dorsals: 27

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed

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