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Cultivar: Miami
Other marketing names: Miami Phase
Genotype: _+._+
Eyes: Brown with black pupil
Ventrals: Black checkerboard markings on a white background which may turn to orange towards the tail.


History: Some Cornsnakes in an area south and west of Miami (Miami-Dade County, Florida) have been found that were exceptionally pretty with orange saddles with a silvery grey background. It is after these snakes that this cultivar has been named. True locality Cornsnakes are in the hobby, but generally this name is applied to snakes that have this look regardless of their origin. Locality Miami cornsnakes do not grow as large as northern populations and often only reach 90-122cm (approx 3-4 foot). Another quirk with Miami locality Corn hatchlings is that they may prefer a diet of lizards. Breeders have outcrossed locality Corns to other localities and generic Corns to bring new vigor into their lines.

Miami Phase Cornsnakes have red/orange saddles on a silvery background

Combinations: Crimson, Miami Stripe, Milksnake Phase, Miami Motley

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