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Cultivar: Ghost (Homozygous Anerythristic & Hypomelanistic)
Genotype: hh·hh , ana·ana
Eyes: Grey with a dark pupil, some lines of ghosts have a ruby red pupil and often referred to as ruby eyed ghosts.
Ventrals: Normal checkerboard pattern remains, only the pattern is in varying shades of grey on a white background


History: First produced by Bill & Kathy Love in the mid 90's

Appearance: Ghost corns are typically shades of greys and whites, but some may have lavender, pinks and yellows also. The saddled are bordered by a grey outline or this may be absent.

Other Selectively bred Ghost Corns: Silver Queen Ghost, Pastel
Combinations: Ghost Motley, Ghost Stripe, Ghost Bloodred

 Don Sodenberg - South Mountain Reptiles (1,3,5,6.)
Dean Carguillo - Crystal Palace Reptiles (2,4)

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