Rhadinophis prasinus - Green Bush Snake

29 Apr 2010

Common Names: Green Bush Snake
Scientific Name: Rhadinophis prasinus
First Described: BLYTH, 1854


Adult Size:

Shy & Secretive species

Temperature Range:
27°C(80°F) to 22°C(71°F)

Humidity Requirements:
70-90%  Provide a humid hide and mist daily

63-68F (17-20C) for 1-3 months

3-11 eggs are laid per clutch hatching from 56-88 days at an incubation temperature of between 25-29°C

Known Mutations:
None known at present

Natural History:
Rhadinophis prasinus is usually found at altitudes of 900 - 2560m. This species is primarily diurnal and arboreal, observed in bamboo shrubs and subtropical mountain rainforests.

The diet of Rhadinophis prasinus in the wild consists of, Rats, Mice & Lizards

Native To:
India, China, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

Scale Counts:
Ventrals: 191-209
Subcaudals: 91-111
Dorsals: 17-19

Conservation Status:
IUCN Red List: Not Listed 
China Species Red List:
Vulnerable VU B2ab(iii,v)

Photo Credit: BabySnakes

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